What does Prince William like?

June 21, Prince William accepts congratulations and gifts on the occasion of his 36th birthday. What particularly likes and appreciates the famous heir to the British throne?

The best way to find out a person is by what is dear to him. In this regard, the 36-year-old William Arthur Philippe Louis – this is the full name of the second in order of succession of the applicant for the British throne – the personality is pretty bright: he always did not like his popularity, but he never concealed his own tastes and values.


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There is no doubt that the “Queen of Hearts”, Princess Diana, remains the main woman in William’s life. The eldest son has repeatedly said that it is with her eyes that he tries to look at the world. Like Harry’s brother, he was very worried about his parents’ divorce in 1996, always staying with his mother. A year later, Diana’s tragic death in a car crash was a huge blow for the young prince. William and today most of all regrets that my mother will not be able to see his grandchildren, and himself – in the role of a loving father. “I would really like to introduce her to my wife and listen to her advice on raising children,” admits William.


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Despite his high royal duties and military career, Prince William always considered the family his top priority. Marriage to Kate Middleton in 2011 and the birth of three children – George’s first-born, Charlotte’s daughter and the youngest son of Louis – finally secured William the status of an exemplary family man. “Stability in the house is most important for me,” the prince says. “But I want my children to grow up happy and discover the world, and not hide from behind the palace walls.” Excessive attention of the press does not make this task easier for us, but I will struggle to ensure that they have a normal life. “


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And indeed, paparazzi vexed William almost from birth. At one time, when the prince only went to school, the royal family even had to conclude an agreement with tabloids: in exchange for regular information about the life of the heir, journalists promised to keep within the bounds of decency and, if possible, respect his private life. Still, the prince preserves precautionary measures: unlike Harry and his brother, Megan McRahl, William and Kate never allow themselves to be openly tender in public. And for the ceremony of baptism of their younger son Louis, who was born on April 23, 2018, they will invite only the closest: no media hype around this event – to the apparent chagrin of the fans of the British royal family!


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At the prestigious St. Andrews University, Prince William studied art history, and then geography, devoting his thesis (in 2005) to coral reefs. He always had an interest in distant countries and exotic cultures: even a party on the occasion of his adulthood, William arranged in an African style. His love of travel is easy to explain: for the first time the parents took the prince with him to Australia, when he was barely a year old. Later, William often visited this country, helped to deal with the consequences of floods in different regions and admitted that he would be happy to take care of its prosperity even in the official post.


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When William was 7 years old, he told his mother that he wants to become a policeman to protect her. Then Harry’s brother rebuked him: “No, you can not – you must be king!”. However, the idea of ​​justice, the eldest son of Diana learned from early childhood: she herself fought against AIDS, actively advocated for the environment and was always on the side of the weak and disadvantaged. William personally worked in the rescue service of Britain, and in 2009, together with his brother founded the Prince William and Prince Harry’s Foundation. Among the main objectives of this charitable association is to help the poor and the families of the British military, as well as the struggle to conserve the planet’s natural resources.


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Even in his school years, William was fond of football, as well as swimming, basketball, sports shooting and cross-country running. Even a serious head injury, which the boy received in 1991 on the golf course, did not cool his love for the sport. Entering the university, the prince became a member of the national student team for water polo, and in the army learned to masterfully pilot aircraft and helicopters. Today, Prince William is the president of the English Football Association and (despite the worries of his wife Keith) has a special affinity for powerful bikes: he got the right to drive a motorcycle at the age of 19.


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William was the first Crown Prince, who was born outside the walls of the royal palace – then it was an unprecedented violation of tradition. Diana did not care much about them either, going with her sons, for example, to Disneyland or to homeless shelters. Like her, the eldest son proved that he was not inclined to obey previous standards by marrying Kate Middleton, whose family had not a drop of royal blood. In addition, William is left-handed, and among such people there have always been many innovators and supporters of unusual decisions.


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Musical tastes of the prince are compositions of rock group Coldplay and Linkin Park. William admitted that during his student years he tried to play the piano, the trumpet and the drums, although he did not manage to master the musical notation properly. He can not be called a fan of noisy parties, as well as strong drinks: the prince does not hide his cool attitude to whiskey, preferring to him at best beer or light fruit cocktails.

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