9 most anticipated summer films

Although the season of holidays is already in full swing, we 
have many more great movies.


For all comic book fans, the last years are the time of this paradise: so many screen versions of stories about superheroes never came out. Another episode about the confrontation between the forces of good and evil from Marvel will appear on the screens in early July. This time, the focus of the Ant-Man, to which Osa will join: watching the film is for everyone who follows the Avengers universe and is looking forward to 2019, when the fourth part of the franchise is about fighting brave heroes and the mighty Thanos.

In theaters since July 5


James Bond for the entire time of the franchise about the 007 agent has changed a lot, but Ethan Hunt is still only one, and this is Tom Cruise. The 55-year-old actor is in great physical condition and is ready to make fans and fans happy again with dizzying tricks, fights and chases – and all for the salvation of mankind. In general, all the components of an excellent action movie are present here – the main thing is that Tom himself does not disappoint, as was the case with the recent remake of the Mummy.

In theaters since July 26


What could be better than an easy French film that you can watch in the summer with your friends? Yes, in general, nothing. “50 spring days” – cinema just from this category. In one picturesque French town lives Aurora, she has two adult daughters and one best friend. Everything is all right, but after she finds out that she will soon become a grandmother, Aurora begins to feel that old age is not far off. However, to fall into despondency, she still does not have time, because she unexpectedly meets her first love.

At the box office since June 28


The film that conquered the hearts of film critics around the world, and also received the FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, was shot by Korean director Li Chang-dong based on one of the stories of Haruka Murakami. As in most Asian art house, there are practically no dialogues, and the plot is only present as a dotted line: the main character of the picture falls in love with the girl, who, in turn, begins to meet with another guy, then suddenly disappears. Most of the time, the viewer will watch how the failed lover searches for her, while also watching her rival. Reflection, social overtones and an unexpected denouement – all this is present here.

In theaters since July 5


Ensel Elgort after last year’s success of “Baby on the driver”, it seems, found his role – charming scammers, he excellently. This time to turn the money business he will be in Los Angeles in the 1980s: the company on the set was made by Theron Edgerton, Emma Roberts and-unexpectedly! – The disgraced Kevin Spacey. Participation of the latter in this project is already worth it to go to the cinema, but expensive retro interiors and excellent camera work add to the reasons for seeing the film on the big screen.

At the box office on July 19


The fact that the main character in this film was played by Timothy Shalame is already worth it to go to the movies. Here, the young actor again appears in the role of a young lover – though, this time he himself will have to conquer the girl’s heart. Everything would be fine, except that the chosen one of his hero Daniel is the sister of the main gangster of the Cape Cod Peninsula, and it is unlikely that he will be glad to know that the girl fell in love with the boy. It’s hard to say whether this romantic melodrama will repeat the success of the film “Call me by your name“, but in any case it’s worth seeing.

At the box office since July 27


Perhaps, one of the most anticipated and most controversial (so far) films of this summer. Most recently in the box office there was a tape “Goodbye, Christopher Robin”, telling about the biography of the creator of Winnie the Pooh, and at the end of this summer there will be a picture about his grown-up son. Christopher Robin leads a routine life, until one day he meets in the park Winnie the Pooh, the animated toy, and with him and other heroes of the famous fairy tale. It’s hard to say what will come out of this idea, but it’s encouraging that Marc Forster, the talented director who once removed the “Magic Country” – brilliant biopic about James Matthew Barry, the creator of Peter Pen, is responsible for the project.

At the box office on August 2


Excellent spy comedy with Mila Kunis in the title role. Two girlfriends, quite ordinary girls, are in the center of an international conspiracy, as it suddenly turns out that the former guy of one of them is a dangerous special agent. After being thrown, he claims to be his ex-lover with a crowd of killers, and his friends are forced to wander all over Europe, trying to figure out the situation. In this case, they will be helped by a wonderful British special agent, played by Justin Theroux. It will be funny – and very dangerous.

In theaters since August 9th


The ideal film for a romantic summer evening from Abdelatif Keshish, the author of the acclaimed “Life Adele” tape. His new tape “Mektube, my love” tells of a young screenwriter Amine, who returns home, on the coast of the Gulf of Lyon, in search of inspiration. And he finds it – there is a stormy life here: his friends and girlfriends are in love, constantly having fun and live to their fullest. Amin follows them and in the end can find not only material for their scripts, but also to meet true love.

In theaters since July 26

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