Diet TLC: what you need to know about a healthy weight loss technique

We tell you more about the correct weight loss.

The TLC diet has been successfully practiced all over the world for many years, and this year the authoritative American magazine US News & World Report has placed this technique on the 5th place in the rating of the ” Most Effective Diets in the World”. ELLE tells more about the technique, which allows not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to improve the body.


The TLC diet stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet. It allows to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol (it forms the sclerotic plaques on the vessel walls that cause diseases of the cardiovascular system) by 8-10% for 6 weeks. The effect has a positive effect not only on the body as a whole, but also helps to get rid of excess weight .

Diets were invented by specialists from the American Association for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. The basis of the principle of the diet – a sharp reduction in fat (especially with saturated).

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During the diet it is recommended to eat the following foods:

– Fruits and vegetables (cellulose helps block the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract);

– Whole-grain products (bread, cereals, rice, pasta from durum wheat);

– Low-fat dairy products (2-3 servings per day);

– Fish, a bird without skin.


Products with saturated fats are important to reduce to a minimum: they account for no more than 7% of all daily calories. For example, if you  usually eat 2,000 calories per day , you can afford a ” black list ” of foods for a total of 140 calories. The saturated fats include: fat meats, dairy products with high fat content, butter, margarine, lard, cheese.


Initially, the main goal of the diet was to improve the body and reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol. In the course of the study, subjects on average lost 9 kilograms in six months without changing the caloric content of the diet. However, for those who set out to lose weight, the diet’s authors slightly changed the basic rules: women are encouraged to limit the caloric intake of the diet to 1,600 kcal per day in order to get rid of 3-8 extra pounds in 6 weeks.

Diet TLC: what you need to know about a healthy weight loss technique (photo 6)


Authors of the technique warn that alcohol increases the level of triglycerides in the blood, which have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. At the same time, the diet does not prohibit moderate portions of alcohol at least every day (one for women, two for men). The main principle of the diet is moderation, while the diet is not severely restricted and even alcohol is squeezed into the list of permitted.


Saturated fats often hide in harmless at first glance products, so the diet should still be monitored. For example, eggs are not included in the list of what should be excluded, but you can not eat more than two yolks per week. When buying ready-made products, read the labels: manufacturers almost always indicate the content of saturated fats (on foreign labels there is a label saturated fats). Also pay attention to the sauces, most of them contain saturated fats.

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