How yoga helps feel better

On the occasion of the International Yoga Day, Fashion skies learned from the most eminent coaches about their meditations and favorite practices.

Thanks to the fashion on HLS – yoga is now more than ever at the height of popularity. She is engaged in polls and models, and actresses, and other women of fashion. Experts argue that this type of activity is not only an excellent remedy against spleen and stress, but also an effective training, especially if we are talking about more progressive directions of this ancient practice.

Initially, yoga was considered one of the forms of meditation, designed to contribute more to the health of the soul than the body. At the heart of her philosophy is the writing of the yoga sutra of Patanjali – in other words, the ten commandments of yoga. The text, which had a huge impact on the adepts of yoga all over the world, says not only about the asanas that we used to practice during training, but also about the special way of thinking and attitudes that motivate us to live in harmony with the world around us. In honor of the International Yoga Day, we asked the top-most trainers from around the world to tell us about their favorite practices that help them and their clients not only look great, but also feel great.

Paul Theodo, The Yoga Barn, Bali, Indonesia

“Caring for yourself means working on yourself at all levels: physical, emotional, mental. These are regular yoga practices and meditation, but also the opportunity to spend time with the closest people or be alone with oneself. I and my friends and family share half the globe, and sometimes it is difficult to maintain contact with them. Therefore now it is more important for me than ever to feel the unity with my relatives – to be interested in their affairs and what happens in their lives. Talking on the phone with a best friend, mom or father is the best scenario to start or end the day. As for yoga, my favorite pose is Trikonasana, the pose of an inverted triangle. It is performed standing – the legs should be located wider than the shoulders, the feet parallel to each other. It is necessary to raise the arms extended to the sides to the level of the shoulders, then to bend sideways, that the right hand touched the floor next to the right foot, and the left hand was extended upwards. I like that this posture is an excellent exercise for stretching the entire body, but it is not too intense, so you can safely use it as a daily charge. “


Rachel Britten, Yoga Girl Studio, Aruba Island 

“For me, taking care of yourself is about keeping a competent balance, not trying to achieve a certain ideal. I move a lot during the day and eat right, but if I want to eat a favorite dessert or drink a glass of wine, I will not deny myself this. I have a daughter, and it’s important for me to spend as much time as possible with her, but I try to devote evenings to myself – for example, I take a relaxing bath or do yoga. When I need to recover, usually I just get up in the Viparita Karani pose – you need to raise your legs up and lean against them against the wall. It calms the nervous system, and also helps with pain in the lower back and neck. You do not even need to do extra body movements – you just lie and relax. Most poses in yoga require coordination and focus, but not this one.



Mandy Ingber, Los Angeles, USA

“For me, caring for yourself means taking care of yourself and your health – both physical and mental. All this comes from how I feel at one time or another. How can I take care of myself without knowing what’s really going on in my head? Recently I realized that I perfectly feel my body on the physical level, and even my emotions are reflected in this state: for example, I can feel unhappy due to physical discomfort, which in turn is triggered by emotional imbalance. What is the solution to the problem? Listen to yourself. My advice is not related to specific exercises or yoga, everyone can use it. In the mornings – or at any other convenient time of day – I sit down in a calm position and mentally “scan” my body from the top of my head to my fingertips. During such meditations, I concentrate on my sensory feelings, paying attention to each site. It takes from five to twenty minutes, after which I check my emotional state. For this I make a small list of three things for which I am grateful for this day, three cases for which I can praise myself, and three things that I can let go. “


Nadia Narein, co-author of Self Care for the Real World, London, UK

“Taking care of yourself means allowing you to do something that brings pleasure. It can be anything: massage, tasty food or just an attentive attitude to your own thoughts. Treat yourself with the same love and kindness as your closest friend. It is extremely important how we evaluate our own appearance and actions: if you have a desire to criticize yourself for something, think, would you say the same to your friend? I have a favorite posture for relaxation – I need to lie on the floor, put a towel curled in a cushion under the shoulder blades and stretch out my legs and arms. It works great after a day at the desk, or traveling. After five or six deep breaths you will feel like another person – try it. “


Tara Stiles, New York, USA

“For me, taking care of myself is in my normal daily business – I do not allocate for this some special time. If I feel the need to pause, I just slow down the rhythm, relax, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on what I feel right now. I practice this approach in everything: in my yoga classes, parenting, relationships, work and so on. Of course, this is facilitated by daily meditation sessions and yoga. Breathing meditation is an excellent practice if you want to devote time to yourself, built on a system of breathing and exhaling. For me, this is an opportunity to focus on your own self-awareness. During such meditation, body movements are coordinated with the rhythm of breathing, which helps to get rid of any unpleasant physical sensations. I can meditate in any place,