How was Megan Markle’s second dress created – and what’s his secret?

Designer Stella McCartney shared a sketch of the outfit and told how the wedding day Megan and Harry changed her life

Let’s be frank, the second dress of any famous bride (especially from the royal family!) Rarely remains in history. Spectators, journalists and official biographers can for years dismantle lace on the neckline, measure the centimeter of the veil and calculate the cost of exclusive tailoring of the wedding image. But who can immediately describe a much less formal outfit wedding? For example, Princess Diana? Or Princess Charlene ? After all, he intended  for a private party , where the entrance, even with a smartphone – is strictly prohibited.

How was Megan Markle's second dress created - and what's his secret? (photo 1)

But it seems that the case of Megan Markle, like  the bride herself , is special. Both dresses – and for the  Givenchy ceremony for 200 thousand pounds, and  for the afterparty of Stella McCartney (his cost is kept secret, and there is a suspicion that this is a gift) – performed on an equal footing.

Designers followed the order in public. First with a sketch and comment on social networks was the first designer Claire Waite Keller, and only after a few hours – Stella McCartney.

Having published in the instagram and twitter an animated sketch of a refined dress (in the network he was christened James Bond’s outfit  , a role that Megan herself refused for Harry’s sake ), Stella admitted: “I am incredibly proud and flattered by the choice of the Duchess of Sussex – the very opportunity to create for her an evening wedding dress and represent the British design. This is indeed one of the most important moments in my career and a great honor. Congratulations to Harry and Megan! Stella”. On the video, you can consider the features of the cut and see how the dress looked from the back.

Stella McCartney until the last managed to keep intrigue. A month ago, during an interview, a British journalist went on a provocation and said directly that he knew that she would be the author of the wedding dress Megan Markle. Then the talented daughter of the soloist The Beatles, McCartney delicately joked: “Seriously? How many more designers have you said today? “But the professional sense of the reporter did not disappoint.