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Superman, forgive me! New shots of “Aquaman”

Jason Momoa plays Aquaman, and Nicole Kidman – his mother

After a long wait, the comic book hero Aquaman will still appear on the world screens. The premiere is planned for the end of the year; it is expected that the “solo” from DC will collect an excellent cash register. While the fans of the franchise froze in anticipation of the trailer , Entertainment Weekly magazine published exclusive footage from the film.

Superman, forgive me! New shots of “Aquaman”

The plot of the tape tells the story of Arthur Curry, who, like a superhero, was born in an ordinary family, but later learned that he was the heir of an entire underwater empire. In the role of hiding all the last queen of Atlantis – Nicole Kidman , as the lover of Aquaman, Mera , – Amber Hurd. The main star of the film is Jason Momoa, whom viewers have already seen in the spin-off “League of Justice” and the series “The Game of Thrones”. The role of the underwater superhero was audited by Matt Damon and Simon Baker, but the stepfather Zoe Kravitz  – Momoa – won.

The shooting ended in October last year; director of the film James Wang noted that “Aquamen” was the most difficult film in his career. In most cases, the action takes place underwater, which required the team incredible concentration and coherence. Any shortcoming affected the duration of the process.