Style in the movie “8 Ocean Girlfriends”

Style in the movie “8 Ocean Girlfriends”: Debbie Ocean

Sandra Bullock

We disassemble the mind-boggling wardrobe of the central heroines of this summer’s main movie

Five years, eight months and 12 days in prison – not a deadline, if you’re Debbie Ocean(sandra bullock)! When for some, a great theft is a serious crime, for Danny’s sister George Clooney of Ocean – this is high art and professional skill. Let’s say more, all the time behind bars, the heroine did nothing but plan her next triumphal robbery: a Cartier necklace worth $ 150 million for Met Gala . How do you like this plan?

But the case, of course, is not in the moral principles of the heroine, but in her wardrobe! The style of Debbie is as steep as her character. She changes her overcoat like gloves, knows what’s going on in flawlessly cut trousers and, like a longtime criminal, does not appear on the street without sunglasses oversize . As the main dresser of the film admitted in an interview with Fashionista: “It was important to show Debbie calm and very collected. Since it is necessary for her to remain unnoticed and not to attract excessive attention to herself, we chose clothes of dark neutral colors for her. And although the heroine looks in most cases restrained – especially in contrast to other participants  – it looks in the frame elegantly and beautifully“. What attire was replaced by the prison orange robes of Debbie Ocean, and what images did Sandra Bullock herself choose  for the premiere of the film around the world?

Shot from the film “8 Ocean Girlfriends”
Shot from the film “8 Ocean Girlfriends”
Shot from the film “8 Ocean Girlfriends”
Sandra Bullock at the premiere of the film in London
Sandra Bullock at the premiere of the film in New York
Sandra Bullock at a press conference
Together with colleagues on the film on the channel NBC

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