Colin Farrell: “I’m for online dating and honesty

in a relationship”

Interview for Fashionskies


On the birthday of one of FashionSkies’s favorite actors (today he turns 42) we decided to recall a very personal interview of a charming Irishman, which he gave to our edition in Cannes

In an interview at the International Cannes Film Festival (God! It seems it was only yesterday!) Farrell comes in a T-shirt and jeans. But in the eye rushes conservatism: a T-shirt without inscriptions, a cut of blue denim classic, shoes comfortable. After a short greeting, he sits down in an armchair and rubs his eyes tiredly, but after a minute you feel his restless temper, which gives out impulsive movements, quick speech and jokes. He also likes to repeat the same phrases, but each time he plays them differently.

FashionSkies What is more difficult: to endure the seduction of women in the “Fatal temptation” or to test the revenge of a teenager in “The murder of the sacred deer”?

COLIN FARRELL As an Irish soldier in Sofia, I did not even have to work on my accent. In addition, since my childhood I have become accustomed to being surrounded by strong women – I was brought up by a mother and two sisters. True, I was not so often starred in female directors, so the experience with Sofia was unique. She is feminine, extraordinarily elegant, never raises her voice, she says all instructions gently. Yorgos was different: a shocking scenario, the heroes on the verge of a mental breakdown. A real Greek tragedy. Already the first scene of his film with the operation on the heart and the hands of my hero, which do not dry out with blood, caused me a lot of doubts. I confess, I had to read the script several times before I understood its meaning. I discussed the hero for a long time with my manager – he was not sure that I should be removed in this picture.

F.S How did you work with Nicole Kidman?

K.F. I never met Nicole before this picture. So it was nice and unexpected to spend so much time together: first two months on the set in Cincinnati, and then in New Orleans, but already at Sofia Coppola . Journalists have often asked about the scene from “Fatal Temptation”, in which Nicole bathes me. Then they had not yet seen our family couple at Lantimos! There we went through something that bathing in Sofia seems like a banal family sketch. Nicole – fabulous! Organized, hardworking, mysterious, unpredictable. She has a penetrating view of life, which she seems to be trying to control excessively, and also a rather harsh sense of humor. Usually I like to laugh and joke, but with Nicole tried to stop in time, so as not to harm his gentle man’s vanity. (Laughs.)

F.S You have pretty cynical heroes. Do they look like you?

K.F. Not sure. Unlike them, I think I always believed in good things in people. I do not deny that people commit terrible acts. But the other side of the coin is the ability for humane and selfless action. Therefore, I do not consider myself a cynic, but I treat some people with a healthy portion of distrust.

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FashionSkies In Lantimos, you are an exemplary family man. What is important in a happy relationship between a man and a woman?

K.F. The biggest gift is to be a part of someone’s life and trust your secrets to another . Unfortunately, in our world it is increasingly difficult to have a lasting relationship and stay in oneself. Here I am a bad adviser.

FashionSkies Do you have a lot to play in life?

K.F. I do not treat life as a stage. You do not write all the time of the article?

FashionSkies Well, I do this often …

K.F. I do not believe. I bet that you do not do it 24 hours a day. Most of the time, you probably observe, reflect, analyze. The same I do, that is, I process information from outside. Proceeding from it, I concluded for myself that the relationship between a man and a woman only suffers when the game and pretense begins.

FashionSkies It is possible more in detail …

K.F. During the acquaintance, many of us try to appear before another person in a certain way, trying to make a good impression. But relations do not add up, when most of the time you are not who you say you are. Then it’s incredibly difficult to show the real face and admit to weaknesses. Disappointment from deception will be too great, and parting is inevitable. After all, in their weaknesses it is sometimes difficult even to admit to oneself.

FashionSkies Did the relationship between people worsen social networks and online dating?

K.F. If a person bothers to create a user profile and get a grasp of information about others, I think he has clearer ideas about what he needs from life and love than from someone who accidentally meets an interlocutor in real life. Not always face-to-face meeting guarantees honesty, as not always an acquaintance on the Internet means a lie.

FashionSkies Recommend dating on the web?

K.F. I am for any dating, if they help to overcome loneliness and give people even two happy hours. But only on the condition that you remain honest. I do not tolerate silence and deceit.

FashionSkies On which portals can you be searched?

K.F. If I tell you, it will play a cruel joke with me. (Laughs.) I often suffer from insomnia- at one time I often looked at

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FashionSkies What was written in the columns of “dignity” and “shortcomings”?

K.F. In the first – with me fun. And in the second – I have a stupid line: often change my mind. Now I’ll tell you one thing, and I’ll come home and decide something completely different. It’s a flaw, is not it?

FashionSkies Do you often look at yourself from the outside?

K.F. Yes, I go to see pictures with their participation. But they do not teach me much. It is much more interesting to study the 100-year history of cinema. In Los Angeles there is a cinema Laemmle. As soon as there is free time, I look there, I watch movies.

FashionSkies How to relate to fashion?

K.F. On the screen I wore costumes Armani and Versace. But in reality I’m not very interested in my appearance. I do not go to the gym, I prefer jeans and t-shirts out of clothes. Change your habits is only possible because of a mother who strictly treats my wardrobe.

FashionSkies Do not go into the hall, but follow the food?

K.F. On the contrary, I love harmful food: cheeseburgers, pizza, chocolate, cola. When I was preparing to shoot “Lobster” , I had to recover by 15 kg. I can not deny the pleasure with which I absorbed all this food until a week later I got sick. Fortunately, I soon received a warning from Yorgos: “Thank you. Overeat should not be more. “