Not buckwheat uniform: unusual recipes of cereals

We tell how to make breakfast more varied and tasty…


We tell how to make breakfast more varied and tasty

Bulgur is a grain of dried and crushed wheat. At us it is not so popular, as other groats, and in vain: bulgur is very nutritious and to taste is remotely similar to a hercule. It is not difficult to cook: you have to rinse a glass of bulgur and fry it in butter for 5-10 minutes. Then boil the water (two glasses) and add croup to it. Cook should be about 15 minutes, after which you can pour in a pan two spoons of cocoa powder and wait a few more minutes until the full porridge is cooked. Sugar add to taste.


That’s what we all lack – a fresh look at familiar dishes. For example, buckwheat porridge. It is strongly recommended to try to cook it in a new way. Glass of buckwheat diluted with two glasses of coconut milk, and then add a glass of water, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, cinnamon and salt to taste. All this should be wrapped in a food film and left in the refrigerator – preferably for an hour. When the time comes out, put the mixture on medium heat and cook for 15 minutes. Cook the porridge with nuts and favorite berries and serve on the table.


Amaranth for a long time was considered a weed, and completely in vain: even in Ancient Rus from the seeds of amaranth prepared a variety of porridge and used as a side dish. Today we again remembered this product, which is quite logical: amaranth is rich in proteins, slow carbohydrates and fiber – all this makes it an ideal option for those who watch the weight and want to eat right. Prepare the porridge most easily from amaranth flour, the so-called “grits”: to do this, pour five tablespoons of cereal grains 400-500 ml of milk and put on fire. Salt and sugar add at your discretion. In the end, you get a great alternative to semolina porridge, which, as you know, although like many, but almost does not have useful properties.



If you were looking for a simple preparation, but an original taste of porridge, then we will help you with this: oatmeal with spices is what you need. First, cook a porridge of oatmeal on the water, as you usually do. Then remove it from the heat and stirring, add the following ingredients: half a teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg, a pinch of cardamom and ginger, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Salt and butter can add to taste, and instead of sugar it is better to choose some berry syrup.


Teff is the seeds of the Abyssinian grass, like the movie. Cultivated it began in Ethiopia, but now this business has been taken around the world. The easiest way to prepare a porridge of Teff flour: lightly fry it over low heat to have a fragrant smell. Then we fall asleep in the water (in a ratio of 1/3) and start to cook. When the porridge is ready, you can add a little cloves, oils and salt to taste. Also, nuts and maple syrup will not be superfluous.


 Today, few people have tried porridge from a bowl, so at least for the sake of diversity it is worth doing it. Barley is a crushed barley. Porridge from it is not as high-calorie as rice, although it is rich in various useful trace elements and vitamins. It looks like a pearl barrel, and it should be cooked for a long time. For breakfast, it is best to cook a bowl with milk. To do this, first boil the barley in water (in the ratio ½, 5), and then add three cups of milk to the “opened” cereal and continue cooking. When the porridge becomes viscous, it can be removed from the fire, but before you serve it, you should let it brew for 15 minutes. You can also add a few walnuts to the dish.


Option for those who do not like to cook in the morning, but from the delicious cereal still will not refuse. So, in the evening, pour a glass of oat flakes with two glasses of ryazhenka or kefir, add your favorite dried fruits, nuts and honey to the mixture and put it all in the fridge, covering it with a lid. By morning, the flakes are wet and “absorb” a large part of the liquid – shifting the porridge into plates, serve the dish on the table.


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